HL7 Standards – Non Healthcare Perspective

One of my colleague from a different division was helping me organize our training room in Singapore for the all-day HL7 certification / training. Out of curiosity, he looked up HL7 on Wikipedia which provided lots of information but still needed some context.

Here’s what HL7 is “sort-of” about vs. what it is, and somewhat to adopted for the local Singapore situation. This by no mean is intended to be an official statement

The general idea of hl7, is simple, to be part of a solution to solve the problem we have in healthcare, ie, how do we as the industry better coordinate care as patient moves around from points of care, second, how do we make delivery of care safe while improving quality and finally, do this while lowering cost. There are whole layers of standards to enable all of the above.

For example, in Singapore, we have the National Electronic Health Record initiative, this is enabled by underlying standard such as HL7.


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