Data Rich but Information Poor in Health Care?

I was recently in a power lunch session in a small room full of 20 people with a mixed-bag of Analytics and healthcare to start to ask some of the key questions around what healthcare analytics actually means to them.

I could think of some of the following questions, and by no means, intended to be an exhaustive list:

  • How do we make health care more affordable?
  • How do we improve quality of care and safety?
  • How do we better deal with capacity (access to care, man-power, and delivery capacity)?

It’s amazing how analytics is becoming the new norm in aiding draw strategic insights from existing data. I find two groups of people, one group that believes we don’t have enough data, while, the other group, believe we need to be smart with the data we currently have, which is far beyond what we had even as far as 5 years ago.

It’s amazing how much data we have about a patient, diseases, treatments, spend, etc across millions of data islands, and yet, lack the ability to sit across a room and discuss strategic insights from the data we have.



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