Wireless Medical – Featured in Singapore Press (Chinese)

It’s always a pleasure when the press picks up a pointers from me and publish this, even when it written up in the Chinese papers in Singapore.


Chronic Disease Management 2.0

I was honored to chair the 2nd Annual Wireless Healthcare Asia Summit 2012 for 2 days on the 23-24 April 2012. While we saw a lot of really interesting devices, various country perspectives, and presentations from various public and healthcare providers, I had hoped to present the “why” and the “who” question around wireless health, tele-health, mhealth, etc.

See slides below

I had hoped to offer points of views around the notion of an “operator” for managing chronic diseases. While I use some phrases such as DMO (Disease Management Organization), I use this rather loosely as not to confuse the audience with the uses of DMOs in the US. Do note that some of the detailed analysis presented in the slides are excluded in this distribution, but feel free to contact me.

Callum Bir