ISO 21090 Harmonized Data Types

It was nice to see we still had a fair bit of group left to hear my technical presentation on ISO 21090 Harmonized Data Types at the HL7 Singapore AGM which was moved to the last on the agenda from being the first on the agenda as originally published.

One of the reasons I wanted to cover the ISO 21090 data types is that it also happens be pretty much the same as the HL7 RIM release 2, although most of my hands-on experience is with RIM release 1. The idea behind covering ISO 21090 is because this is pretty much aligned to Singapore LIM (SLIM) which is largely based on ISO 13606-1 which uses the ISO 21090 data-types.

Finally, I wanted to thank those who picked out errors in XML example. This was originally created based on working implementation example based on HL7 RIM R1 and then later I was pointed out the subtle change in XML which I had changed in Power Point directly without going through the review cycle. Good to see a handful number of people were paying attention.

Callum Bir