Wireless Medical – Featured in Singapore Press (Chinese)

It’s always a pleasure when the press picks up a pointers from me and publish this, even when it written up in the Chinese papers in Singapore.


Singapore Healthcare posed for disruptive innovation through Social Media

Singapore continues to push ahead globally in terms of digital adoption and well poised to take a step ahead for some disruptive innovation to occur.
Some interesting statistics for Singapore:
  • 7 million mobile phone users. That’s like everyone, including babies has a phone, with 4.8 million 3G users in Singapore, mostly with >70% using iPhone.
  • 82% of Singaporeans online use Social Media
  • >2.4 million facebook users. Give it another year or 2 from the time of this post, this number might be closer >100% per citizen.
  • 83% of all household residents have at least 1 computer [Source: IDA 2009]
  • Singapore Government has taken bold steps with strategic investments to deploy the Next Generation National Infocomm Infrastructure (Next Gen NII). This comprises a nationwide ultra high speed fibre access infrastructure called the Next Gen Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN) and a complementary pervasive wireless network, including the Wireless@SG Wi-Fi service which will be free until 31 March 2013
Some missing data points is around the citizen expectation from their healthcare system, their demand for technology enabled health care especially for those with chronic diseases.
I suspect given the trends around how many fans / likes on Facebook pages such as those from Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB), Singapore MOH, and various hospitals, this trend is likely to be something hard to ignore.
I have also spoken on related topics as below which touches on some of these disruptive innovation below. It’s a pity I am so far not getting too many calls from clients in Singapore wanting to develop their social media strategy.
Callum Bir