Are EHRs sufficiently “Clinically” Driven?


I was inspired to write this after reading of this great article Engaging Clinicians in Clinical Content: Herding Cats or Piece of Cake? by Heather LESLIE, Sam HEARD, Sebastian GARDE, Ian MCNICOLL

The very first paragraph got me thinking about more questions, see extract below:

“…Many will agree that, to date, the process of EHR development has not been clinician focused…”

The most immediate question – Really? Aren’t clinicians engaged in all of the recent large national programs we see globally? So, what are of our smartest and senior clinicians, clinical informatics folks doing in some of large national programs – is there a leading / best practice when it comes down to clinician : clinical informatician: healthcare IT engineer?

Another related question that has troubled me for a while: How do we measure whether an EHR implementation is reliable and safe?

Callum Bir